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February 27, 2017


All you Need to Know about Body Polishing


After the season of winter sets off, it is the time to bring back the oomph in the wardrobe with your favorite dresses. But, does the skin look a bit dull and worn up after enduring the harsh blows of the dry season? Maybe it is time that you should get a body polishing.


Body polishing works in the same way as a facial does for your face and neck. It exfoliates and hydrates the skin of your body uniformly and induces a healthy and youthful glow. It stimulates the body with gentle massage strokes and restores the moisture balance of the skin.


The steps involved in a body polishing vary from salon to salon. Usually, the process will begin with an initial bathing session followed by a session of deep exfoliation by the therapist. After the exfoliation is done, you will be asked to bathe once again to completely get rid of the scrubber granules from your body. The process will be completed after the application of an oil/lotion in the body.


Body polishing provides an array of benefits for you. Those are as followed -


  • Dead-cell Removal - The dead cell buildup on the surface of our skin makes it look dry and aged. Once the dead cells are removed, the fresh new skin underneath gets to be exposed. This makes our skin look fresh and renewed. Dead cell removal is the primary objective of a body polishing.
  • Rejuvenation - Body polishing actually is a pampering session for your skin. The reputed salons use lots of luxury products which are not only beneficial for your skin, but for your olfactory senses as well. The process becomes relaxing for your mind as well.
  • Evens the skin tone - If you are suffering from pigmentation, tanning marks or skin tags in our body, a session of body polishing is the best pick for you to deal with these problems. It will help you to get rid of pigmentations and acnes and will gradually result in a uniform and even skin tone everywhere in your body.
  • Thorough Cleansing - There are some parts of our body like the back which we cannot properly clean ourselves while taking a shower. Body polishing helps in thorough cleaning of the skin to make it free from dirt, oil and sebum.
  • Deep Moisturization - With body polishing, the dead skin cells are removed by exfoliation first which enables the lotions/oil to penetrate deep into the skin cells to work at their best potential. Thus, your skin gets deeply moisturized as the beauty products work from within.


The best results of body polishing can only be attained when you get it done from a reputed salon where they use products from luxury brands for a supreme feeling of relaxation. Also, the hygiene and the expertise of the therapist performing it should be kept in consideration. Since winter is gradually withdrawing, it is the best time to book your own body polishing session.



February 15, 2017


Guide to The Perfect Styles for Curly Hair


Move over the flat irons, spring is officially the season of soft, tousled curls after the long era of straight hair. Embracing your natural texture than forcing it to change gives a boost of confidence to your originality as well. If you have natural curls, you are lucky; others can invest in good quality curling tools to rock a gorgeous, fresh and easy-breezy texture. Here are some of the season’s hottest hairstyling trends for curly haired beauties -


  • The Curly Ponytail - No extra time for that after-work party? Save some time and work on your face by pulling an easy hairstyle. Simply add a few drops of hair serum to your tresses and tie them high for a curly ponytail. For a chic look, pouf up the crown and let a few twirling locks adorn your face. This look is super-easy and very girly.
  • Curly-at-the-ends Look - Heading for a girls day out or a shopping spree? This is the ideal pick to look effortlessly stylish and cute. Get a large barrel curling iron and start at the midways or at one-third length of your hair. If you have long hair, the curls should ideally start from your shoulders.
  • The Retro Curls - Extremely elegant and sexy, the Fashionstas all over the world swear by the mesmerizing look of the Retro curls. The classic Hollywood style will do best for your romantic date nights. Try using a curling iron or visit a stylist for this look.
  • Long, Wavy Layers - If you have a natural bounce in your hair, opt for this haircut for a soft, face-framing look. Start the first layer no higher than the chin or collarbone and go on across your length to look effortlessly sensuous.
  • Beach Waves - This style is so versatile that it can go well with both gala nights and regular outings with equal ease. Get the texture of soft waves set with a medium barrel curling iron and look extremely girly, attractive and fashionable.
  • Accessories it - For those special occasions, stick to simple styles like side-swept hair or go for a complicated style like a chignon and add some pretty accessories. This way, all eyes will be on your beautiful curly hair.


Contrary to popular beliefs, curly hair requires much more maintenance than their straight counterparts to look smooth and frizz-free. If you want to sport your natural waves, always keep them healthy, free from tangles and well-hydrated. To maintain curly hair, it is better to get a regular hair-care regime from a reputed salon. The stylist should set your hair with a diffuser and curl-lock products. Thus, you can achieve the most desired look and flaunt it with confidence.



January 29, 2017


How to Take Special Care of Color-treated Hair


Colored hair looks impeccably stylish and appealing on any woman when it is done perfectly. But the only drawback of color treating is that the effect starts t fade in a few months time. But, with proper care and a bit of extra nourishment, you can keep your colored tresses as fabulous as ever. Read on to know how -


Since all hair colors comprise of chemicals in huge quantity, it is imperative to provide extra care and nourishment to your hair. Follow these aftercare measures after getting your hair colored be it streaks, highlights or a full coverage. These will not only help to protect your gorgeous hair from getting dry or brittle, but will also help to retain the color for a longer period of time.


  • Condition your hair - As hair colors can make your hair damaged, deep conditioning plays the most important role in after-color care. It will ensure hydration balance in your tresses, will prevent them from getting tangled and will make your hair more glossy and manageable. Opt for a color protecting conditioner from a reputed brand or go for the one that your stylist has suggested to retain the color.
  • Wash regularly, not frequently - Know this for a fact, every time you wash your hair with a regular shampoo, you lose some of the color in your hair. Always use a color protecting sulphate free shampoo like Chroma Captive by Kerastase to keep the color molecules intact. Also, washing your hair very frequently will increase the odds of stripping the color off your strands and making the roots dry.
  • Block the Sun - Use a sun block serum or live-in conditioner in the daytime to prevent the UV rays from fading your hair color. If your job requires travelling, tie-up your hair or cover it under a scarf or hat to protect it from the glaring sun.
  • Avoid treated water - Chemically treated water like that used in the swimming pool or water with a lot of Iron can damage your hair a lot. Since colored hair is chemically treated, it becomes more prone to damage. Before you plunge into the swimming pool, wear proper headgears to prevent the seepage of harsh water. Same goes for extra hot or ice-chilled water, both are harmful for the health, texture and the color of your hair.
  • Use proper hair masks - Based on your hair and scalp type, apply a hair mask once a week across the strands to infuse moisturization. As per your preferences, apply homemade masks made with products like eggs, mayonnaise, honey, banana etc or can buy a color protecting hydration mask from the reputed brands.


Coloring your hair in the proper way can elevate your looks and style quotient up a notch instantly. But, it takes a lot of patience and dedication to maintain the treated hair. You should always color your hair from a professional salon of repute and seek aftercare measures. Undergoing regular hair treatments will conserve the color and will maintain proper health of your hair as well.



January 13, 2017


How to Get Rid of Dandruff - the Most Common Problem in Winters ?


Imagine, you are heading for a great party putting your favorite black dress on, decked up from the top to toe. But, you discover white flakes on your dress, on the shoulders and chest areas. How do you feel? Or, you are confident and prepared enough for that important business presentation, but the constant itchy feeling in the scalp just cannot let you concentrate on anything else.


In both the cases, Dandruff, the most embarrassing and persistent problem of the winter season, shatters your image. It makes your scalp itchy, causes your strands to fall rapidly and overall, spoils the quality of your hair. Also, it is sometimes the main culprit for those ‘untimely’ acne, rashes and breakouts on your face.


What causes Dandruff ?

Dandruff is a condition of the scalp which causes the skin to wither resulting in visible flakes and an itchy scalp. The various conditions that trigger dandruff are -


  • Poor hygiene
  • Yeast infection
  • Dry skin
  • Poor diet
  • A medical condition called seborrheic dermatitis etc.


How to beat dandruff naturally ?


The use of medicated shampoos can help you to get rid of the problem. However, if you do not suffer from a severe outbreak, you may try the following remedies which will effectively reduce the effect of dandruff without being too harsh on your scalp and hair.


  • Tea-tree oil - Tea tree oil has medicinal values for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Apart from curing dandruff, tea tree oil is also best for the miniaturization of hair strands and the scalp.
  • Fenugreek seed - Fenugreek seed has been used since the times of Ayurveda as a cure against dandruff, hair loss and dry scalp.
  • Baking Powder - Baking soda, with its natural alkaline properties, helps to eradicate dandruff causing Bactria. Mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar, it is an excellent alternative to chemical anti-dandruff shampoos.
  • Neem - Neem is an excellent natural solution to all skin problems. It can cure irritated scalp and hairfall problems.
  • Castor Oil - It has anti-microbial properties that prevent bacteria and fungi build-up from your scalp. Also, it is rich in moisturizing properties that condition your hair and nourishes your scalp.


You can also seek professional help at reputed salons that offer anti-dandruff treatment with products from high-end brands that are effective against scalp problems. For example, KÉRASTASE Spécifique range is highly infused with anti-oxidants, Vitamin E and other nutrients that treat scalp-related issues like sensitivity, itchiness, dandruff, hair loss and oily roots. Find your nearest salon and say hello to gorgeous, problem-free hair!



December 28, 2016


Best Facials for Ageing Skin in Winter


The saying ‘Age is just a number’ holds very true for women in today’s world. You can beat the tide of time with the best of skincare practices that we recommend for the beauties who have had their fair share of experience on this beautiful planet of ours. An anti-ageing or age-reversal facial treatment, however you name it, is a process to remove pigmentations, dark spots, uneven skin-tones and freckles that gradually occur on the skin with ageing primarily due to the prolonged exposure to pollution and lack of hydration. Anti-ageing facials usually have rich content of moisturizer and special stimulators to lighten the appearance of fine lines and for firming of the skin.


Let’s have a look at the everyday skincare regimens that are recommended by our stylists for retaining the youthful glow on the skin and reversing the clock on the face -


  • Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize :: The basic CTM ritual, if practiced from an early age, can do immense benefits for the skin. In the winter season, also add exfoliation to this process and brim with a glowing skin. Wash your face with a mild or preferably soap-free cleanser, pat dry and apply toner suited to your skin. Get hold of a good quality moisturizer that is rich in hydrating element for aged skin and apply in on the face, neck, chest and shoulder area.
  • Take special care of your eyes :: The eye area is the most sensitive part in your body and the skin texture is also different there. The skin around the eyes is very tender, which results in wrinkles, puffy eyes, and dark circles which give an overall tired look to your appearance. Use special under-eye creams to treat this area.
  • Use Special Serums :: Ageing skin needs a lot of care to look refreshed. That is why, a matured woman’s skincare ritual needs to be different from that of a teenage girl. Regularly applying serums on your skin before bedtime will ensure beautiful skin sans the dark spots, wrinkles and pigmentation. Choose a premium product like Aromessence Neroli Oil Serum from Decléor Paris and enjoy a hydrated and supple skin.
  • Use Natural Ingredients :: Certain chemicals that are used in cosmetic products can be harsh on your skin. Use natural ingredients that are easily available in the garden or in the kitchen to smoothen and nourish your skin. For example, you can always use honey, papaya, avocado and aloe Vera gel to treat the skin problems that occurs with ageing.
  • Use Essential Oils :: Essential oils are the pure extracts from the bounty of Mother Nature. With their aroma and mystic healing properties, essential oils can help reversing the effect of time from your skin. Geranium, Sandalwood, Lavender, Rose, and Carrot seed oils etc show excellent anti-ageing effect. They also help in relieving stress and strain.


Thus, with a little bit of extra care and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can beat the effect of ageing on your skin. Also, for professional results, visit a nearby salon and get anti-ageing facials from a premium brand. We would recommend facial treatments from Decléor that is full of all natural extracts, essential oils and a revitalizing massage to rejuvenate you so that you rediscover a youthful glow on your skin!



December 14, 2016


Makeup Trends for Fall Season


Winter is the best season for the people who love to party. It is the only season that blesses us with zero sweating and oil accumulation in the face which is a great respite for the people of a tropical country like ours. Parties and wedding invites are always on our cards for the month of December and January, so it is also the season of celebrations. Learn the makeup trends for the season from us and make heads turn at every gathering and raise the mercury with your hotness -


  • Time for the pink cheeks - When it is chilly outside, don’t we love how our cheeks turn a bit reddish? While dressing up for the party, make it mandatory to tint your face. The days of bronze are passé; make it all pink and peach.
  • Dramatic lashes - Use falsies to make your eyes look brighter and bigger. Keep the rest of the palate neutral, but make it a point to add up drama in your eyes. If you are dreading the idea of doing it all by yourself, get hold of a voluminous mascara.
  • Bright eyes - Make the season of decay a bit interesting. Add a bright blot of color in your eye makeup tools. Bold blue or soft hues of green, the shade should be as per your choice and the time of the occasion. The classic Smokey eyes with deep strokes of kohl are also on your forte.
  • Glossy Lips - Store your matte kit in your closet for a few days and bring out the lip gloss and sheer tinted lip balms for a youthful look on this winter. No need of additional expenditure as you can apply your mattes and just a single stroke of a sheer gloss will do the trick.
  • Glitters all the way - Christmas and New Year are the seasons of celebration. Add a touch of glitter on your makeup or accessories to match the spirit. For evening parties, you can sport glittery eye shadows. Else, paint your nails with glittery polish if you want it subtle.


Embrace the season of festivities and new beginnings with a refreshing change in your makeup palate and in your wardrobe. If you are unsure of the looks that might suit you, take help of a salon in Kolkata where you can get a party makeup done the right way for the right season.



November 25, 2016


Prep-up Your Skin for the Big Day


The wedding season is approaching and the beautiful brides and grooms out there are just cannot wait for the D-day. As a girl, we know that you have always dreamt about this day when you will be decked up as a princess, clad in a wedding dress, bejeweled with family heirlooms adorning a stunning face. But, if you are relying on just make-up and gorgeous dresses to make you look stunning on your wedding day, you are doing a blunder. Your skin needs enough pampering and care to attain its full glow. Anyway, not to worry if you do not have much time in hand already, read along to know the beauty hacks we have up our sleeves -


  • Eat Healthier - For at least one month before the wedding day, skip all junk food and sugar. Also, try to be on a low sodium diet as well. Stay away from excessive Carbs and booze, which means the bachelorette parties are just half as fun! Not to worry for you will appreciate this later.
  • Exercise and Meditate - Daily yoga and meditation has long term benefits on your overall well-being. You should spend at least 10 minutes of your day with exercise followed by deep meditation. What’s more, you can attend couple yoga or aerobics sessions with your fiancé for inducing a bit of fun and romance.
  • Have a makeup and hairstyle trial - Before the final day, you should go for a makeup and hairstyle trial with your stylist. This will give you a clearer idea about your look and you can avoid any last minute glitches.
  • Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing - As we have always been told, CTM is the key to healthy skin. For the winter season, you would also need a dose of exfoliation to get rid of the dead-cell build up on your face.
  • Manicure and Pedicure - Remember, people do notice your hand and feet and chances are that they are going to be photographed with a special focus. To keep your hand and feet flawless, visit a salon for a manicure and pedicure session at least once in a month.
  • Sleep - Sound sleep plays a pivotal role in attaining a peaceful state of mind. In a whimsy of shopping and preparations, do not forget to give yourself enough rest. However, do not oversleep yourself on the days of ceremony, as your face will look swollen.
  • Get regular visits to the salon - Apart from home remedies; you need professional services for the complete pre-bridal rituals. Some salons offer attractive pre-bridal packages, but you can also opt for individual hair spa, facial clean-ups and hair removal services at regular intervals.


So, do not wait anymore and jump start your bridal beauty regime from today. Follow these basic tips and discover an all-natural pearl like glow on your wedding day that no makeup foundation can attain!



November 14, 2016


Skincare Tips for the Fall Season


There is a nip in the air and the wind has started to chill especially in the early morning hours. This season is enjoyable no doubt, but it can be harsh on your skin. After the festivities are over, your skin anyways start to look fatigued and the sudden nip can render a dull, lifeless look. To attain your drop-dead gorgeous beauty on the fall season, maintain the five rituals as written below -


  • Don’t ditch washing your face - The level of pollution in the atmosphere is comparatively high during this time of the year. So, even if you do not feel the weight of grim and oil on your face, your face gets really dirty with minute dust particles. Thorough cleaning with a mild face wash at least twice a day, i.e. in the morning before you set out and at night before you go to sleep is highly recommended.
  • Scrubber is a true friend - Try to scrub your face with a mild scrubber at least twice a week to get rid of impounding dead cells on your skin. Your skin tends to wear off very fast during the fall season to cope up with the change in temperature and humidity. The buildup of dead skin will result in pimples, blackheads and whiteheads in areas beside the nose, at the corner of the lips, near the chin areas etc. If you mildly scrub your face with a special focus on these areas, you skin will be lively as ever.
  • Skip moisturizer, skip all glow - A doze of moisturizer a day, keeps the dullness away. Instead of drying up your face all day and applying a heavy dose of cold cream at night, why not invest a little time in loving skin all through the day? Carry a small tube of moisturizer with you at your workplace. Whenever your skin feels dry, splash some water, dab with a clean handkerchief and apply a small ounce of it. This keeps your skin hydrated and does not demand you to rely on cold creams that makes your face excessively oily.
  •  Creamy love, once a week - However, cold creams are there for a reason. If your skin is already on the drier side, you might need a bit of more hydration than what the moisturizers provide. Invest in a good quality rich night-cream and apply it before bedtime. For the regular and oily-skinned beauties, night creams are to be used once a week for deep hydration from the core.
  • Visit to your salon - For some quintessential extra care; do not forget to visit your salon for a regular clean-up or a season specific facial treatment. This will keep your skin balanced and you can flaunt your flawless face to the upcoming winter parties.


Put on your favorite clothes with a bright colored scarf, thin jackets and boots, and you are ready to conquer the chill. Drink adequate amount of water and enjoy the weather whole heartedly.



October 31, 2016


Tricks to Know About Hairstyles for Varied Facial Shapes

Every woman no matter what age she is always craves to have hairstyle that best suits her. With so many trendy and fashion looks, women want to have the best fabulous look that with of so many hairstyles that can be preferred for the most presentable look. Well, that also brings you to the conclusion of visiting the renowned and professional hairstyling and cutting parlour, which can offer you the relativity to amazing and gorgeous look. Here is the highlight of different hairstyles that you can take for different facial shapes:

  • Wavy hairs: Indeed really pretty, oval shape faces can have the glimpse of wavy long as well as short hairs. Charming and attractive to look, oval faces are well adjusted with curly hair forms in short and long length. This will definitely attract everybody’s attention to your jaw line which looks not just classy, but very beautiful.
  • Long straightened hairs: Very simple and beautifully attained, long hairs that pass through your shoulder, which are also perfectly straightened gives you the sexy and appealing look. A little highlighting with a different hair colour is the perfect combination to let the hundreds of people turn around and glare at your hairs, giving you the best look.
  • Side logs and hair twirls: If you have a long face, you can it make fascinating and captivating by getting side twists on the hair. This also makes your face look shorter and a little hair twirl near the ears in a falling slide makes the face and hair, so perfect.
  • High Bun: Ever since in fashion since the back 1960s, women have looked very stylish with the messy and high bun which gives the perfect hair look. Suiting you on traditional as well as western outfit, hair bun is the excellent option to also pick for summer hot days, giving you comfort.
  • Long ringlets: Yes indeed, giving the classiest look, when you have long hairs and you need to get some stylish transformation with that, you can definitely have some ringlets at the bottom of your hairs. Keeping your straight from the start to middle way and getting curly at the end, is the fashionable trend which is very well selected these days.

Your hairs are so pretty and they can only make your look, more acceptable. So, this largely depends on the way you adjust them with your face. You must look for the professional services of hair cutting in Kolkata, for the best hair experience.


October 15, 2016


Be The Diva of Diwali

Diwali is finally here with all its gleam and splendor. We hope that your preparations are almost done by now and you just cannot wait for the big day to decorate your home with rangoli, diya, miniature lights and many more things to welcome the goddess of prosperity and good luck to your abode. Needless to say, you also want to look as glamorous and decked up as well. We know you are running out of time for a prolonged beauty regime that takes days to glam up, for we have secrets under our sleeves that can turn you into the diva from the girl-next-door in a jiffy.

  • First things first, never skip the regular ritual of cleansing-toning-moisturizing. The total process takes hardly 10 minutes and when you start doing it regularly twice a day, you will note the difference.


  • Real beauty is what glows from within. Cut caffeine, junk food, high sugar, saturated fat off your diet. Yes, you will be able to notice the renewed glow in your skin within the coming week. Also, drink a lot of water to keep the skin and hair hydrated.

  • What is a beautiful face without a gorgeous mane to compliment it? To flaunt your gorgeous hair in Diwali party, invest in hair spas and the best hair cutting salons that can turn your hair from dull to dame in a few sessions! You can also choose to get your hair styled professionally for the special evening in these salons.

  • A few days before the big day, visit the salon and get a facial done best suited for your skin type. Your skin will be all prim and pampered and you will glow like a star that can outshine all the sparkles in Diwali.

  • Don’t neglect your hand and feet. Use a mild scrub daily before bathing, followed by a dose a moisturizer. Decorate your nails with special nail arts and go all sparkling and festive. You can use DIY options or can also visit a salon for professional manicure, pedicure services followed by nail art.

With this, sport a gorgeous ethnic dress on the day of festival and add a dash of accessories. Turn heads with your flawless face framed by a stylish up-do or let the tresses flow freely. This Diwali, all eyes be on you!


September 7, 2016


Top Five Quick Hairstyles for the Festive Season

Durga Puja is almost knocking the door and Diwali is barely a month away. All the preparations are going at full fledge and everybody is waiting eagerly for the days in between to pass on quickly. But, as we all know, no amount of makeup or styling can render the complete look to an outfit if the hair is not styled well. Since we do not have so much time and patience during the festive seasons, here’s a list of five rocking hairstyles that are sassy, in-fashion and very easy to do-


The messy bun - Both the Bollywood and the Hollywood Divas vouch for this hairstyle. It is easy to do and instantly gives a oh-so-trendy vibe to your outfit. You just need to simply gather all your hair in a high ponytail and secure any fly-aways. Hold the end of your ponytail and go twisting till the top. Secure the end with bobby-pins. If you want to add drama, use a volumizing tool to lift up the section of hair between the forehead and the bun.

Twist and Pin - If you want to flaunt your glossy and well-treated mane, opt for this hairstyle. Just do a simple parting. Section out two small one-inch pairs from both sides and twist them three-four times. Secure those in both sides using bobby pins or use a hair accessory that you want to flaunt. The idea is to keep the locks away from your face, yet get a glamorous hair-laid-down look.

Fishtail Braid - So much in vogue now; swear by this style for the daytime plans. Comb your hair neatly and divide into two parts at the nape. Now, start with taking a small string from the left side and sweep it across the right. It will become a part of the right section now. Do the same with the left section, i.e. taking a string from the right and sweeping it across the left section. Go on like this and you are ready with a gorgeous braid.

Twisted side braid - Perfect for long hair, twisted side braid looks best with sarees and ethnic outfits. All you have to do is gather your hair at a side and divide it into three portions. Twist then with each other till the end and secure with a rubber band. If you wish, you may also leave a few bangs to structure your face. Rock this hairstyle with big Chandbali or Jhumkas to add drama.

Half-up Puff - If you are blessed with great volume of hair, this is the best hairstyle for you. Gather up all the hair at the crown and tease with backcombing to create volume. Secure at the back with bobby pins. Leave the lower part as it is or may use a curling rod to create soft waves. Rock this hairstyle with a tiara or a smart headband for a boho-chic look. 


You should try these hairstyles quite a few times beforehand to get the perfect look on the final day. Also, if you want, seek professional help at reputed salons that can figure out the best hairstyles for girls according to the face-type, clothes and hair-type.




November 30, 2015


Opt for specialised facials to get rid of acne

A pimple outbreak is almost mandatory in each of our lives and most of us suffer from this common acne, at some point. Though it is a problem associated mainly with adolescence, 20 percent cases are found in adults too. Though common on the face, it can occur in other parts of the body as well. The most acceptable reasons for acne are hereditary factors and hormonal issues and stress can only aggravate it. Apart from medicinal treatment of the bacteria that caused there are certain deep cleansing facials that can help in lessening acne if not complete eradication. 

A facial is taken recourse to when the need to rejuvenate and look younger arises; the European facial is highly recommended which is also gaining popularity in the US apart from the Asian countries. They are effective for most skin types as cleansing techniques are more deep rooted and help to treat oily skin, thus getting rid of acne. 

Why is deep down cleansing important? 

It is customary to use an exfoliating scrub to cleanse the dead cells and reveal the healthy skin beneath. The excessive oil and the dead skin apart from the old make up that clogs the skin pores are all removed. With the help of exfoliation, the skin is renewed with the birth of new skin cells. The ingredients of the subsequent skin treatments are therefore easily absorbed after the removal of all the dirt and grime. The procedure ends after warm towels are placed on the face to expand the pores further with the steaming process. 

The actual acne treatment: 

First and foremost, the blackheads and white heads are removed, though this step could be little irritable and uncomfortable. A vacuum device is normally used for this extraction method or a strong facial peel. 

The mask and the massage: 

Matching with your skin type, a customized mask is applied on your face and is left for fifteen minutes during which you will be massaged in the hands and the neck area. The ultimate rejuvenation is achieved at this stage of the facial when the therapeutic effects of the treatment will calm your entire body. The facial is normally concluded with application of a toner and moisturizer so that the skin does not dry out. 

Chemicals to treat acne 

  • When treating acne, it is important to open the pores with products that contain salicylic acid resorcinol or lactic acid. They are easily available in popular drugstores in the form of creams or gels, which mainly prevents clogging of the pores. Benzoyl peroxide in low dosage to start off with can also be used for this purpose. 
  • A retinoid cream cools down inflammation and reduces swelling and redness too and research suggests that seventy percent of the blemishes are rectified. 
  • A combination of a pore opening with an antibiotic cream is recommended for more effectiveness. Research again proves that fifty three percent people have benefitted from this combo where the blemishes are reduced to less than half in only 12 weeks. 

The Thai spa which is well know all over for the ultimate Thai massages, offers facial treatments too. The four facials on the card are for the duration of an hour each and there’s one for anti-acne. The deep cleansing process in this facial is carried out with steaming and facial extractions. There are plenty of healing masks to choose from to suit your skin tone and budget.


October 29, 2015


Hair Care regime for coloured hair


When you change the colour of your hair from black to blonde or from a brown to burgundy it's apparent magic al chemistry and you are beautified but the torturous reality is far from acceptance. The hair becomes dull, rough and dry and gradually the newly acquired hair colour starts looking drab. But with a little care and changed habits, things might not be as bad and the shine and vibrancy can be restored back to a great extent.


Stay away from a lot of water

  • It has been researched that excessive washes fades the colour, so in order to minimize this, follow certain precautions.
  • After shampoo and conditioning, avoid the rinse under shower, instead use the faucet and make sure the water is either lukewarm or cool and never hot.
  • Use a shampoo which is colour protected. They are formulated specially and are not harsh. Avoid clarifying shampoos as much as possible.
  • Try and wash your hair as less as possible, opt for a dry shampoo that would soak the oil in the roots and keep your scalp clean.


Do not let the hair become dry

  • You can prevent dryness by using a good conditioner that is specially formulated for colour treated hair. The regular usage creates a barrier of protection so that the dye molecules don't wash out.
  • So it's essential that you condition each time you shampoo your hair and rinse out at the end of the shower. Use a wide tooth comb to prevent tangling and may be a nourishment hair mask once a week to boost the moisture content.
  • Avoid flat iron, blow dryer or hair spray as much as possible. Rather you can try leave-in conditioners if you are not in a hurry to rinse it out.


Maintaining the shine

When the hair shines you get that look or the compliment that keeps you blushing, for which be grateful to the cuticles. To make the light reflect, follow some steps to smoothen them down and get the shine back.


Patch them up : it is difficult to reverse damage but a product containing ceramides will replace the missing glow.


Do not use those hot instruments : when you hair is still damp do not use an iron. Let in air-dry after which you can use a blow dryer and a big, round brush only after applying the heat-protection spray.


Adding gloss with a shine spray : to create that shiny look use a serum that will bounce back light to create that effect. But don’t overdo, otherwise it might get greasy.


Glazes : a glaze adds that instant shine and can boost the prevention of dullness.


Styling : maintain styling by combing so that the cuticle does not stay put. Keep combing with a round brush.


If you are consistent with the maintenance, it will definitely pay off. When your hair is healthy it will shine, bounce and look cool.


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September 18, 2015


Attractive hairstyles for short length wavy hair


Stick-straight, flat and sleek hair is out of fashion and "fashionable hair" in modern day scenario is flaunting the natural texture, either wavy or curly.

Some of the top haircuts, styles for curly hair and how to maintain them could be:

Pixie cut

This feminine but tough crop works on any texture and is not at all high-maintenance. It is not a precision-cut, rather longer on top to show off the choppiness and texture. Once the hair dries naturally use a frizz-control product so that the top when separated gives that shine.


This is a great style for those whose curls are not loose but tight and coarse, so need some volume to create that fullness. It looks round at the top and gradually tapers down to hug the jaw line and gives that appearance of shape. It complements best with a square or a round face. Maintenance is not difficult, keep it hydrated and use a leave-in conditioner to create that healthy sheen.

Blendid Bangs

They are very light layers along the bottom and the bangs fall to the mid-eyebrow. They don’t look too short and are side-swept. It's just too perfect for loose and wavy hair with a not so thick texture.


It is a wedge cut with short layers at the back and in front the face-framing layers are long, thus creating an interesting angle. Since the layers in front are long, the problem of curls bouncing up and down will not happen. But at the same time, the back should be kept controlled by using a gel or a diffuser attachment in the blow-dryer.

Curly shag

It suits the curly textured hair the best which is fuller in the roots and gradually becomes wispier at the ends. You need to use a razor for this. But this style is not completely advisable if your hair is overly coarse or very unruly.

Wavy layers

Maintain the layers below the chin so that the curls do not get too bouncy but might not be best for women with fine and thin hair. A light spray gel could be used to add texture and not weigh the strands down.

Curly layers

To get that soft, face-framing look, the layers should not begin higher than the chin or collarbone and to achieve that springy movement remove the water content completely and apply a light cream to control the curls.

Longer curls

They are best suited for fine and wavy hair. The length here is not shortened but short and angled layers can be made at the jaw line to create that side-swept look. You can use an enhancing gel to lift those flat waves, if any.

Tight curls and steep layers

Ask the stylist to keep long and wispy layers but avoid too many at the top to prevent over-curls and keep it softer around the face.

Long and loose waves

The hair will look fine and the curls will range from medium curls to wavy with the roots being a lot more straighter and heavier texture towards the end.

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