PROMOTE the eco-design approach in salons by using furnishings, materials and accessories that are eco-designed.

INCLUDE controlled sourcing and develop a raw materials purchasing policy that maintains biodiversity.

EYECATCHERS salons use LED lighting that enables greater optimization of energy consumption. The network is increasingly equipped with water reducers that aim to limit water consumption in the salon. EYECATCHERS commits to recommending salon equipment and materials that are eco-designed. For example, the manufacture of chairs and shampoo stations is 80% eco-responsible (sustainably managed forest wood, eco-responsible ceramics, recycled and recyclable aluminum, etc.)

In salons, a strict hygiene procedure has been implemented for clients (brushes, combs are used only once and repackaged after washing; bio degradable disposable cutting aprons are used, cutting material is disinfected, along with brushes and head supports for basins), and clients are given tolerance tests for coloring products to prevent any risk of allergy.