EYECATCHERS has revisited the iconic, glamorous hairstyles that sealed its style and identity.These new creations combine the brand’s distinctive minimalist feel, elegance and natural sophistication. From the very first chills of autumn, the hair shines brightly. The exquisite, silky texture glides through the fingers. Hair is worn with a twist. It is feathered, wavy, curly or straight, it spins around or gently comes to rest on the shoulders. Color takes on extreme shine and subtle accents. In any case, beauty helps to showcase a personality or a look.A source of pleasure, beauty is also distinctive and unique to everyone. It’s up to you to discover your own…

Fifties inspiration
Sensual bob
Airy bob
top volume updo
glamorous waves
ombre blond
glamorous tumbling locks
loose braids with curis
top knot bun