The Academy

We at EyeCatchers believe in learning as a life-long process. Education is the key for improving one's skilll and advancing their careers.

Focused on building confidence, technical excellence and creativity, our education program will motivate and inspire you for progressive thinking. Through the consistent application of core techniques, you will learn how to control and shape hair based on face structure and skin tone. We aim to share our knowledge in the interest of advancing our profession, and provide and insight into the unique culture of EyeCatchers.

Julie Tseng, a seasoned veteran in the Beauty & Grooming Industry with almost two decades of experience, is a powerhouse of creative skills amalgamated with technical expertise. She has been imparting Hair, Skin, Beauty & Make Up expertise to both our Clients & Team members across the country with an unparalleled skill. Few of the international seminars attended by her are with Rush Team UK. Assisted Guy Kremer, Jonny Engstrom, Pablo Alvarez Caramazana, Laurent Decreton, Julie Eldretts communication & Client, Vidal Sassoon UK, Fredrick Aunis - 7 Steps of consultation, Barney Martin Australia, Darren Fowler UK Chris Williams UK Mario Failla Uk, Ron Romeijin make up - Holland to name a few. Coupled with her unique sense of style, technical expertise and an innate flair for understanding and interpreting her clients , Julie is a highly sought after specialist by clients and the go to mentor by her team. Fashion shows, shoots & seminars, Julie has done it all. However, her heart lies in the Salon where she can share her experience and expertise with her team and guests.

Julie Tseng
Technical Director

Salon training: Expert-led and comprehensive.

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